Police officer ‘centimeters’ from being plough down in Leeds by driver high on cocaine and cannabis

Leeds Crown Court heard police were sent to Hanover Way.
Leeds Crown Court heard police were sent to Hanover Way.

A police officer escaped serious injury “by centimeters” after almost being ploughed down by a drug-driver.

Ahmed Saeed was locked up for 15 months after a court heard he also put pedestrians in danger during a police chase through Leeds city centre while high on cannabis and cocaine.

Leeds Crown Court heard police were sent to Hanover Way at 1am on January 6 this year after reports of a Ford Focus being driven erratically.

Officers signaled for Saeed to pull over and he stopped the vehicle.

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An officer approached Saeed but he put the vehicle into reverse and revved the engine.

Bashir Ahmed, prosecuting, said the officer ran back toward his own vehicle as Saeed drove towards him.

The officer managed to get into the car seconds before Saeed crashed into it.

The officer suffered injuries to his knee and around £5,000 worth of damage was caused to the car.

Saeed then drove along Woodhouse Lane at speed and went through three red lights.

The prosecutor said Saeed drove onto a pedestrianised area in the city centre and people had to move out of his way.

Saeed abandoned the vehicle but was caught as he tried to run away.

A saliva test showed he was over the limit for cocaine and cannabis.

Saeed, of Beaumont Road, Bradford, pleaded guilty guilty to dangerous driving, criminal damage and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

He also admitted driving while over the limit for cocaine and cannabis.

The injured officer provided a victim statement to the court, stating: “I was fortunate not to have been very seriously injured.

“I am of the belief that only seconds and centimeters were the difference between me being driven away from Woodhouse Lane by my colleagues or in the back on an ambulance.”

The court heard Saeed, 28, has a previous conviction for drug driving.

Rodney Ferm, mitigating, said Saeed had not deliberately aimed his vehicle at the officer but accepted his behaviour was reckless as he panicked and tried to get away.

Jailing Saeed, Recorder Abdul Iqbal, QC, said: “The public and public servants were put at risk.

“It was sheer mercy and luck that nobody was seriously injured.”