Passengers vent frustration after lightning strike causes Leeds rail chaos

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Rail passengers today vented their frustration after a lightning strike caused rail chaos.

Some train services have now resumed - but major delays still expected throughout the afternoon.

Your YEP headed down to Leeds City station to find how the disruption had affected passengers.

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Businessman Mark Dyer had intended to get the 10.11am train from Leeds to Sheffield for work, and was still waiting after 1pm after the line was blocked.

“I’ve been told there won’t be any trains to Sheffield till around 4pm. It’s ruined my working day but what can you do - it’s an act of God. The ticket office staff won’t let you buy tickets at the moment but they’ve all been really efficient.

“I even went down to the coach station to see if I could get on one, but the coaches are all fully booked until 4pm.”

Stuart Johnson was attempting to return home to Darlington after travelling to Brighouse earlier today to deliver a car.

“We’d got to Mirfield on the train from Brighouse to Leeds when we heard the announcement about the lightning strike. I had actually seen the lightning this morning when I was driving to Brighouse on the M62.

“It’s in complete shutdown here - I’ve been told there will be nothing on the line to Darlington until at least 2pm. The next train is supposed to be just before 2pm. I’ve been travelling for business but I’ve finished work now fortunately, I’ve just been told by my employers to make my way home.”

Malcolm and Christine Vayro, from Garforth, were at the station with their 23-year-old daughter, who is due to fly to Australia from Heathrow tonight and feared her train to London Kings Cross would be cancelled.

“She’s worried she’ll miss her flight. Her train is meant to leave at 14.36 so she’s trying to find out if it’s on time - she’s really stressed,” said Christine.

“It’s a joke - we have heat, snow and now lightning causing problems on the trains. You wonder if it’s the wrong kind of lightning!

“The flight from Heathrow is at 9.30pm. It’s a £1,000 flight - she can’t re-book it. If she misses it, she won’t get compensation and she’ll miss seeing the friends she’s going to visit. Are the train company going to compensate her £1,000?