Out of this world! Alien figures are set to dazzle visitors at Light Night in Leeds

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An alien invasion is set to hit the streets of Leeds when the city stages its annual Light Night arts extravaganza next month.

Organisers today announced that the eye-catching attractions at this year’s event will include a group of luminous inflatable sculptures designed to look like creatures from another world.

One of the Fantastic Planet figures on show at Canary Wharf in London.

One of the Fantastic Planet figures on show at Canary Wharf in London.

The giant-sized pieces of art will take pride of place in Light Night’s new Victoria Zone, which will cover Sidney Street, Victoria Gate and the top end of Briggate.

And their Australian creator is hopeful they will prove just as popular in Leeds as they have during previous visits to dozens of cities around the world.

Tasmania-based artist Amanda Parer said: “These forms aim to give the impression that they have just landed and are quietly and gently exploring our planet.

“The spaces where they are displayed may be places where people commute through every day and then suddenly one day there are giant aliens in them.

“These art installations allow a space for play, imagination and contemplation.

“The works are interactive and we encourage people to gently touch, nestle amongst and even cuddle them.

“At a number of locations, we have found lipstick kiss marks on the material – I haven’t worked out if this is gross or lovely yet.

“But it’s been heartwarming to see that overall the responses from people from all over the world have been of wonder and appreciation to be allowed to enter a realm of fantasy.”

The pieces are collectively called Fantastic Planet and were inspired by a 1973 science fiction film of the same name.

Their appearance at this year’s Light Night is being backed by Victoria Leeds, with the retail destination’s general manager, Jo Coburn, describing them as “something completely different and enchanting”.

Organised by Leeds City Council and taking place on October 4 and 5, Light Night will see a range of prominent local buildings and sites transformed by visual and audio installations.

Its programme will be themed around ‘progress and innovation’ and is due to feature work by more than 50 local, national and international artists.

As previously reported by the Yorkshire Evening Post, the event’s headline partner will be the Leeds 2023 cultural programme and festival.