My Chemical Romance – a short course for students

STUDENTS who tried to live for a day without chemicals found the task impossible.

They discovered a list of "essentials" for life – and some not so essential – all contained chemicals.

The list included real essentials such as water – which is treated with chemicals – food, clothing and medication. Then there were the not so essentials such as moisturiser, TV, newspapers and magazines.

The students were from Harrogate Ladies' College and they took part in the Life Without Chemicals: A One Day Challenge which was organised by the chemicals industry body Yorkshire Chemical Focus (YCM).

YCM was so convinced that chemicals have become a vital and indispensable part of all our lives that it challenged the students to live for 24 hours without them.

In total 150 girls took part. They accumulated points for everything they used containing chemicals and also had to say in 30 words or less what they had learned from the challenge.

One student submitted a poem: Life without chemicals – O what the hell! I could not wash so now I smell!