Mum reveals simple life hack for cooking microwave rice – and it’s going viral 

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Sticking a packet of rice in the microwave and waiting a couple of minutes before chowing down is one of life’s simple pleasures. 

It’s a huge time saver when you’re cooking a meal at the end of a long day, that is if everything goes according to plan. 

Too many times we’ve opened the microwave door in horror to find the packet on its side. 

So, instead of saving time, we spend our evening cleaning out the microwave and wishing we’d ordered a Deliveroo. 

But, that nightmare scenario could be a thing of past thanks to this genius realisation from one mum in London. 

Hannah Falzon took to Facebook to reveal her hack for cooking microwave rice that ensures there won’t be any spillages – and it’s very simple. 

She discovered that a packet of Uncle Ben’s rice comes with ‘magic tabs’ on the bottom that act as a base for the pouch when pulled out. 

Posting on Facebook she wrote: “So I’ve just discovered this!! Anyone that uses microwave rice and gets ****** off that it falls down in the microwave look! Magic tabs! You’re welcome.”

The post has received more than 1,000 comments and hundreds of shares from hungry users amazed at the ‘game changing’ trick.

Some people said they were ‘stunned’ by Hannah’s revelation while others asked ‘what is this sorcery?’.

Uncle Ben's rice  (Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Uncle Ben's)

Uncle Ben's rice (Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Uncle Ben's)

Dawn Welton said: “No way!! Why doesnt it say on the pack?!”

While Tamara Armstrong asked: “Why do I not know these things?”

So, if you’re having rice tonight, you know what to do.