Manslaughter jury shown footage of moment rough sleeper collapsed and died in punch-up outside Leeds Station

Terry Bailey died in an altercation outside Leeds Station
Terry Bailey died in an altercation outside Leeds Station

A man died after suffering serious head injuries in an attack by two men during a disturbance at a taxi rank in Leeds city centre, a jury heard.

A court was shown CCTV footage of the moment Terry Bailey collapsed in the road outside Leeds railway station after punches were thrown by Daniel Goodall and Jamie Loftus.

Leeds Crown Court

Leeds Crown Court

Goodall, 42, and Loftus, 28, are on trial at Leeds Crown Court accused of 39-year-old Mr Bailey's manslaughter in the early hours of August 29 last year.

Simon Kealey, QC, prosecuting, said the three men knew each other and the attack took place after a dispute over drugs.

Mr Kealey said Mr Bailey had a drink and drug habit and had slept rough in the city centre since he was a teenager.

The prosecutor said Goodall and Loftus were captured on CCTV footage walking across City Square at around 12.30am.

The court heard Goodall went over to the doorway of a barber's shop beside the Queens Hotel where Mr Bailey was sleeping.

Mr Kealey said Mr Bailey then walked with the defendants to a nearby taxi rank.

He said: "As they walked a short distance to the taxi rank it appears there was some form of argument between Terry Bailey and the defendants."

The prosecutor continued: "The defendants got in to a taxi and it was their intention to take a taxi to Beeston in order to buy and take drugs.

"Terry Bailey did not get in to the taxi and other drivers on the rank noticed that he was shouting and appeared to throw a punch in to the taxi."

The court heard the defendants then got out of the vehicle and Goodall punched Mr Bailey before pushing him away violently.

Camera footage showed Loftus removing his t-shirt before punching Mr Bailey to the head and face in an attack which lasted a few seconds.

Mr Kealey said: "When it ended, Terry Bailey was still on his feet but staggered into the road and then collapsed."

The prosecutor told the jury: "It is not possible to tell which of the two men delivered the fatal blow or blows, but the prosecution say that these two men acted together."

After Mr Bailey collapsed Loftus was heard to say: "Let's get out of here."

Mr Kealey said the pair left the scene and Loftus got rid of the distinctive red t-shirt that he had been wearing.

The prosecutor said Goodall gave Loftus a white t-shirt to wear, adding: "It was an indication that both defendants wanted to avoid the attention of the police."

Police and paramedics were called to the scene but Mr Bailey was pronounced dead at Leeds General Infirmary at 1.25am.

A post mortem revealed he had suffered bleeding to the brain after tearing an artery.

Goodall, of Poplar Mount, Bramley, and Loftus, of no fixed address, were arrested in Leeds city centre at 1.20am.

The jury heard Loftus said to a police officer: "He hit me and I hit him."

Goodall said to officers after being arrested: "It was just a street fight between two boys. The one who started it is dead."

When interviewed about the incident Loftus claimed he had acted in self defence.

He said the dispute with Mr Bailey was over a visit the three men had made to Beeston the previous day.

Loftus said Mr Bailey did not have any money and they had refused to buy him any drugs.

The trial continues.