Man jailed over advice loses appeal

A MAN jailed after he illicitly doled out free advice to Yorkshire immigrants looking to stay in the UK has failed in an Appeal Court bid to win a cut in his 12-month jail term.

Chaudhary Mohammed Saghir, 59, of Telford Street, Halifax, was jailed at Bradford Crown Court in November 2005 after he pleaded guilty to charges of providing immigration services without being qualified to do so.

And Lord Justice Hooper, sitting with Mr Justice Forbes and Dame Heather Steel at the Appeal Court in London refused to cut Saghir’s sentence – dismissing the argument it was “manifestly excessive.”

The judge said Saghir had set up a foundation from which he handed out advice to immigrants facing up to the daunting prospect of hearings before the Immigration Appeals Tribunal.

Under the rules, such a role requires an advisor to be officially registered and qualified.

Saghir had sent off for the requisite application forms, but he never returned them – he said he “always meant to do it” – so he was not qualified to give such advice.