'Lynx' factor pays off for the Blueskins

You might not have heard of them, but...



YOU might not have heard of the Blueskins but you will have undoubtedly heard their music – for one of their songs was used in a recent Lynx deodorant global advertising campaign, not to mention a Hollywood blockbuster movie.

Now they're hoping to take advantage of the fabled 'Lynx effect'.

Paul Brown, 26, drummer with the Gawthorpe-based band, said: "We thought it was just going to be in a few countries, but the next thing we know, it was all over the place, on TV.

"It brought a few more people to our gigs. The royalties are just starting to come through now.

"Everyone knows the song but no-one knows who sings it. That's something we want to change. It feels really good that one of our songs was used like this."

The song in question, Change My Mind – which starts: Born to love you, baby let me start. Born to love you. Ooooooh. Well you can change my life for the better – also appears on the hit movie Dukes of Hazzard soundtrack and can be heard playing on the radio during the film. The band is made up of former Woodkirk High pupil Paul, singer/guitarist Ryan Spendlove, 26, bass player Tom Bailey, 20 and guitarist Andrei Nosov, 25.

The foursome are in the middle of a UK-wide tour and play in Leeds next week.

Paul, whose previous jobs include "cleaning toilets in Sainsbury's" and "carrying 5,000 roof tiles up a ladder", said they were looking forward to gaining wider recognition next year.

Band manager Karl Campbell, 37, who has worked with the Happy Mondays and has links to bands like the Prodigy, Primal Scream and Snow Patrol, said: "The advert was one of the reasons I got involved. I think they have great potential, they have a good vocalist and they can actually play the instruments. Things are looking up for them and we are excited about the new year."

They will be appearing at Leeds University on Wednesday, November 21. Tickets are available from Jumbo Records in Leeds, priced 4. Change My Mind was released on October 16.

For more information on the band, log on to their website at www.theblueskins.com, which has links to myspace video clips of them performing.