LISTED: The car crime spree committed by 'professional' crooks across West Yorkshire in just 9 days

Matthew Wood and Kevin Woodward
Matthew Wood and Kevin Woodward
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A pair of professional criminals targeted family homes and a hospital during a campaign of offending designed to get their hands on high value cars.

Victims were threatened with violence as houses were broken into in the middle of the night during the nine-day crime spree committed by Matthew Wood and Kevin Woodward.

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Leeds Crown Court heard how the two men are prolific burglars and car criminals.

Wood was out of prison of licence at the time, serving an extended sentence for violent robbery. Homes in Leeds, Wakefield and Kirklees were targeted during a nine-day period in June and July last year.

Wood and Woodward targeted family homes in the dead of night, threatened violence and targeted a hospital during their spree of offending.

-> Crooks stole from man visiting sick wife at hospital as well as luxury cars from families across West Yorkshire

Here is a list of the 12 offences committed over a nine day period in June and July last year.

*Bradford Road, Wakefield. Two masked men targeted the property in the early hours on June 29. The home owner awoke to find them stood outside French doors. They escaped in a red Audi.

*Queens Walk, Ossett. Wood and Woodward went to the family home around 11.30 pm and used a pair of trousers to cover a security light. They returned in the early hours of the morning but were spotted. One of the burglars told the dad: "Shut up or I will knock your face in."

*Tong Way, New Farnley. Keys to a £21,000 Mercedes van and an Audi worth £8,000 were stolen from the property. Both vehicles were taken. The Audi contained £3,900 worth of property which was never recovered.

*Methley Park Hospital, Methley. Number plates stolen from a van belonging to a hospital visitor while he was seeing his sick wife on July 2.

*Bennett Lane, Ossett, House broken into as mum, dad and children were in bed. A VW Golf GTI worth £15,000 was stolen from the driveway.

*Harewood Approach, Morley. Theft of a VW Golf on July 3.

*Orchard Close, East Ardsley. Theft of an Audi A4 and damage worth £200 at locks on the property.

*Highfield Close, Morley. Keys to a £15,000 Ford C-Max taken during break-in. Screwdriver wrapped in a sock found at the scene. DNA recovered from the sock linked to a known associate of Wood.

*Wormald Street, Liversidge. Theft of a number plate from a Ford C-Max parked outside property.

*Asquith Avenue, Morley. Theft of a number plate from outside house. Plate later found in the boot of a vehicle found dumped in Hunslet.

*Murray Way, Middleton. Theft of a VW Polo.

*Greatfield Court, Ossett, Audi S3 stolen during break-in as family slept. Wallets and wristwatch stolen.