Leeds woman’s PIP breast implant fear as hundreds seek compensation

Kirsty Coburn, from Rothwell.
Kirsty Coburn, from Rothwell.
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A Leeds woman claims she is living in constant fear that her PIP breast implants could rupture as hundreds of women in the city seek compensation.

Kirsty Coburn, from Rothwell, is one of hundreds of Leeds women fitted with Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) implants, which were found to contain an industrial silicone when the global scandal erupted in 2010.

Doctors voiced concerns several years ago when unexpectedly high numbers of women were suffering from ruptured implants. Ever since, law firms have been seeking payouts for those affected.

Kirsty, a 27-year-old administrative assistant, paid £3,800 for her implants which increased her cup size from a double A to a C in 2009 but she claims she can’t afford further surgery.

“I was mortified when I found out about the scandal. I thought ‘I have done this for me to feel like a woman, I have scrimped and scraped to get the funds but I don’t have the money to have them replaced’,” she said. “I can’t go back to being boobless, I can’t for my confidence’s sake.”

She said the cosmetic surgery clinic that she went to in Manchester has offered to remove her implants free of charge but will not replace them. Like many others, Kirsty is now seeking compensation.

She said: “It’s fear every day, I think about it all the time – I’m even stopping from sleeping on my front in case they rupture.”

The Stanton Fisher Group is urging more women to come forward with their claims before its March 20 deadline. It is seeking payouts from safety firm TUV Rheinland, which certified the implants for use.

Solicitor Steven Hume, from the company, said: “The victims of the PIP breast implant scandal have been cruelly and criminally treated and we are determined to get justice and financial compensation for them.”