Leeds recommends: Fav white or red wine

RELAXING: Many readers enjoy a glass of wine after a hard week's work.
RELAXING: Many readers enjoy a glass of wine after a hard week's work.
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This week, we asked the people of Leeds to recommend their favourite white or red wine to our readers

Maria Parkins. I enjoy rose but also a good white wine that isn’t too dry.

Nicci Haslam. Chateuneuf de pap is a reliably nice drink, although not cheap. We are drinking cheap an Australian chardonnay tonight though.

Richard Clark. Barbaresco, top stuff, classic Italian, complex and interesting, yet not too heavy or full bodied to dominate your food.

Rachel Hezelgrave. Barefoot Malbec.

Joel Walsh. Whichever Rioja is on offer.

Adrian CmonScotland Ochai. Am a white wine lad. German Hock does it for me. Perfect with a chinese. Usually have it most Saturday evenings.

Mick Hart. Torres San Valentin.

Angela Wilson. Blossom Hill white zinfandel.

Ian Flanagan. Fetzer-merlot.

Barbara Poctor. South African Chardonnay for me.

Shirley West. Pinot Grigio

Diane McNamara. Cabernet Sauvignon.

Fiona Starkey. Nothing better than a glass of Sauvignon Blanc after a hard day’s work!

Louise White. Shiraz.

Anna Barker. Love a good Chardonnay.

Andrew Heath. Malbec.

Peter Whittingham. Grenache.

Katie O’Donnell. Pinot Grigio

Lauren Sampson. Pinot Grigio.

Tina Worsnop. Sauvignon Blanc

Tom Peters. I have to agree. Cannot beat a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Dominique Smith. Tempranillo.

Marjorie King. Wouldn’t be a Saturday night without a glass of wine of some description! Ideally a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc but am partial to a Cabernet Sauvignon too!

Yvonne Eastmond. Pinot Noir is my favourite.

Kerry Foster. Shiraz.

Julie Watson. Pinot Grigio after a hard week’s work - cannot beat it!

Natasha Appleton. Merlot.

Ian Roper. Me and my wife are certainly partial to a glass or two of Jacobs Creek.

Natalie Rogers. Blossom Hill or Echo Falls.

Gemma Pearce. Any good white wine is good enough for me after a long week at work!

Beatrice Parker. Jacobs Creek.

Debbie Taylor. Cabernet Sauvignon.

Elaine Perkins. Cabernet Sauvignon.

Richard Dobson. Shiraz.

Grace Cooper. Cabernet Sauvignon.