Leeds recommends: Best venue for live music

Nathan Clark at Brudenell Social Club.
Nathan Clark at Brudenell Social Club.
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Leeds has played host to some top musical talent over the years, but where is the best venue in the city to see some live music?

Andrew Lunn. Beckett’s University.

Babs Hind. All the good intimate venues have closed having been bought up and changed into restaurants and shops..and now were left with venues charging 60/70/80 quid a ticket.. Anyway the best place in Leeds is the Brudenell Social Club.

Paul Glossop. The arena has been great for the city bringing bigger bands to Leeds. My favourite venues are wardrobe and Brudenell with Headrow House growing on me.

Janice Grayson. Roundhay Park for brilliant acoustics, Leeds Arena a lovely atmosphere and Brudenell Social Club, though I have not been there for a long time!

Mark Bradley. The Brudenell Social Club....without a doubt the best venue in Leeds.

David Hodgson. Brudenell and Belgrave. And while we’re on it the Wardrobe and O2. Oh, and the Arena. Oporto. And 
Headrow House. It’s not a bad 
scene is it? Run with my first answer.

Josh Whiteley. Depends what kind of music you’re into I guess, but there’s plenty of good spots - Brudenell, Eiger, Temple Of 
Boom, upstairs at the Library and other various pubs/bars. And of course your bigger venues. Brudenell rarely disappoints though.

Richard Everson. First Direct Arena - it’s got a great intimate atmosphere, and looks pretty on a night too!

Mick Dolman. Verve Bar for a small intimate venue..had some top artists down there in the past couple of years.

Melvin Moore. Irish Centre is a great venue seen some top bands there.

David Rodgers. Roundhay Park when it’s rocking with 100,000 people to the sounds of Robbie Williams, Madonna, etc.

Ian Pickering. Yeah, have to say Brudenell Social, but Belgrave Music Hall is pretty good also.

Oliver Wilkinson. Nowhere will ever be as good as the Cockpit.

Jason Bancroft. I do like the Wardrobe but also love Stylus at Leeds University & O2 

Robbie Warren. Brudenell, hands down best venue in Leeds.

Robert Harrison. The Academy.

Cvra Incarltonvillage. Carlton Rhubarbfest is brilliant and well attended every year! Live bands in several venues, a street fair and in a great location too.

Neil Vary. Brudenell Social Club.

Greg Pearce. 02 Academy.

Philip Robinson. Big band the First Direct Arena, medium band the O2 on Cookridge Street, small band the Irish Centre.

Rich Jowitt. Brudenell Social Club for me, but I’ve got a soft spot for upstairs at Milo too.

Jordan Clark. Brudenell, 360 club, Verve, Pack horse, Wardrobe. But my favourite was Carpe Diem.

Terence Mccann. Brudenell, Academy...Irish Centre(when it had good gigs) and other places.

Lee Thomson. Brudenell.