Leeds recommends: Best place to celebrate New Year

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With New Year’s Eve nearly here, we asked Leeds partygoers to suggest the most exciting cities to welcome the arrival of 2017 in.

Martin Walker. I’d love to do Sydney – been to the city at Easter this year, so would love to spend New Year there: it is a great city.

Helen Hindhaugh. Well I have always wanted to go to Hong Kong for their new year.

Lisa Galloway. Edinburgh! Or somewhere warm, as it’s my birthday.

David Lyons. It’s one hell of a crush in London.

Billy Kane. There’s no place like home - in this case, Leeds!

Ben Ahmed. Anywhere without fireworks!

Karen Downie. Edinburgh for Hogmanay.

Alex Sexton. Zurich.

Nik Freemantle. Vancouver.

Keith Bradley. Sydney.

Brenda Brannen. Edinburgh.

Denise Wareing. London.

Nigel David Cooke. Whitby.

Paul Conway. As far away as possible from boozed-up idiots in Leeds city centre!

Sarah Sandford. At home with a takeaway. Saves getting done over in all the bars in town.

Philip Harrison. At home with the curtains closed!

Louise Menston. London’s fireworks are still amazing, and the street party atmosphere, even if it isn’t quite as good since they started ticketing them.

Mike Herron. The Germans do New Year well - Berlin, Munich, Cologne and plenty of the other cities have great New Year street celebrations.

Alice Ripon. Chinese New Year in Shanghai is an incredible experience.

Luke Woodley. Liverpool – it’s a good night out at any time of the year, but it really buzzes on NYE. This week it’ll be super busy because the Man City fans will still be there after the game at Anfield.

Jessica Ryall. York is always nice for NYE – not as busy as the big cities, but a beautiful setting and a nice, family-friendly atmosphere.

Colm Richards. New Year in New York is a special experience. A fantastic city with an extra party buzz and people from all over the world.

Jack Marsh. Edinburgh is the best New Year’s party in the UK, although it’s ridiculously expensive to stay overnight there now. Worth doing once in your lifetime!

Mitchell Symonds. Dublin is a vibrant scene on NYE. It’s a cosmopolitan choice if you want to celebrate with people from lots of different countries.

Laura Chinley. You can’t beat Sydney - biggest, best and first fireworks of 2017! It’s such an iconic setting too.

Tim Tainton. Glasgow is the new Edinburgh – the partying on NYE is just as good but it’s far cheaper to get a hotel room.

Harry Edwards. Newcastle. It’s overshadowed a bit by Edinburgh on NYE, but it’s more affordable.