Leeds nostalgia: Honest Loiners hand in cash

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Dateline: January 8, 1949: Tales of honesty are always heartwarming and so it was with these two stories from January 8, 1949.

The first related to a woman who had left her handbag on the bus after boarding it in Horsforth. She was riding on the Leeds-Rawdon service and apparently entrusted the safe keeping of her handbag to her son, who left it behind. She reported the incident but when the bus was checked the bag was gone.

She was relieved, therefore, to learn from police the bag and its contents, said to be worth about £60, had been returned by post.

In another unrelated incident, a man who drew £39 from the Post Office and later “lost the money” had his faith in people restored after one woman who saw “pound notes blowing around her legs” collected about £20 and returned it to the local police station, while another sum of cash was handed in by a group of schoolchildren, all of which meant the man ended up down by just £1.

In other news, the Labour Government’s “amazing legislation” to nationalise the iron and steel industry would “spell disaster for Great Britain and therefore what is left of the British Empire”. This was according to R G Menzies, leader of the Opposition in Australia.

Speaking in Perth bemoaned that the world was becoming “much vexed by doctrinaire socialists”. He said the nationalisation of the steel industry would hit production, upon which he argued 50 per cent of Britain’s exports depended.

And finally, winds gusted up to 60mph across Yorkshire but the harsh weather conditions were felt worse on the east coast - in Whitby, several people were blown off their feet on Whitby Bridge.