Leeds nostalgia: Find out what these Harehills residents did when shoppers started parking on their street

Leeds, Harehills, 7th April 1982''Nice Avenue
Leeds, Harehills, 7th April 1982''Nice Avenue
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Residents on one Leeds street were dubbed “nasty” by motorists keen to bag themselves a free parking space.

People living on Nice Avenue, off Harehills Lane became so fed up with daytime visitors using their street as a car park, they asked the council for double yellow lines to be put down.

The story was reported in April 1982.

It also affected people living on Rossal Grove and the south-west side of Harehills Lane.

Peter Shields, resident and owner of the Olympia Fish Bar, said something needed to be done about the problem.

He said: “Lorries delivering to Tesco often have difficulty getting round. Quite a few cars have been bumped and scraped in the past.”

But not everyone agreed and some shoppers were fully against the plans.

One shopper argued that: “Yellow lines will stop people using the shops. No-one likes using Tesco’s car park as vandals often attack parked cars.”

However, the proposal was backed by local councillors, who said vandalism of cars was “not a real problem”, adding they would be siding with residents over the issue.