Leeds nostalgia: Father who had never seen daughter finds her at Leeds Station

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Dateline: November 13, 1948: PRINCESS Elizabeth was expecting her first child and at Buckingham Palace, extra police were posted as crowds gathered.

The princess was said to be in good health and had taken a walk in the palace grounds. Charles would be born two days later on November 14.

Meanwhile, there were real fears that another world war could break out following stand-offs in Berlin between the Russians and the Allies. An appeal on behalf of the UN stated: “Every day the deadlock over Berlin continues the danger to the peace and security of all nations undiminished. Fear of another war is crippling the effort of all nations to repair the damage of the last war and return once more to the ways of peace.

“The work of the general assembly of the UN as a whole is being delayed and undermined. It is within the power of the leaders of the great nations to which this communications is addressed to end this danger to the peace.”

There was also the touching story of a Leeds father who got to see his two-year-old daughter for the first time.

Kaye Millington, of Willow Grove Road, was a soldier with the Cameron Highlanders, who was for a time stationed in Greece, where he met and married his wife, Sonia. However, he was posted back to England just before the birth and despite attempts to see his wife and daughter, Elizabeth Millington, who was born in Kalamata, Greece in 1946.

It was thanks to the British Red Cross that the union was brought about - they arranged for a flight from Greece to London, after which they caught the train to Leeds.

And finally, while her sister was about to give birth, Princess Margaret, who died aged 71 in 2002, was at a hunt near Doncaster.