Leeds men least stylish in country, according to poll results

Picture James Hardisty.
Picture James Hardisty.
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Men from Leeds have been voted the least stylish in Britian by their own wives and girlfriends.

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2,000 women took part in a poll, which was organised by VoucherCodes, with some interesting results about the men of the city.

Researchers found over a third of women from the region said their husbands had no dress sense whatsoever and more than one in five said their other half often looks ridiculous.

Nearly a quarter of Leeds females have been forced to hide their fella’s clobber so he couldn’t wear it and a ruthless 18 percent have just thrown clothing items they disapproved of in the bin.

Researchers polled British women in relationships and revealed more than half are often left cringing at what their husband or boyfriend is wearing.

So much so, three in ten women have refused to leave the house with their partner unless he got changed.

Old trainers (23 percent), baggy jeans (17 percent) and baseball caps (7 percent) were all among the list of clothing items which infuriate the nation’s females – as were band t-shirts, flip flops, hoodies and bell bottom jeans.

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Other criticisms women had included wearing ‘the same old tat’ for years (46 percent), that he can’t coordinate pieces together (37 percent) and he didn’t wear clothes appropriate for the occasion (26 percent).

Nearly one in five (18 percent) women moaned that their other half dressed like an old man and 12 percent said he will only splash out on new clobber if it’s in the sale.

13 percent complained their nearest and dearest never ironed his clothes which looked terrible.

The survey found four in five women have confronted their spouse over his wardrobe choices – half said he was bitterly offended and half said he didn’t care and insisted he looked great.

Only 14 percent of the females polled said their other half actually enjoyed shopping for new outfits.

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Nearly one in five ladies, meanwhile, said their husband always checks what he should wear with her before getting dressed for a social event.

Anita Naik, lifestyle editor of VoucherCodes said: “It’s eye opening to see the sheer volume of women who are unhappy with their partner’s dress sense, and it does seem that there is a real rift in relationships caused by clothing choices.

“We believe that regardless of whether you’re a despairing female who wants to spruce up your partner’s wardrobe or an oblivious male who just wants to keep wearing what he likes, you can satisfy your significant other by saving money on what you buy.

“So whether you’re heading to the high street or shopping from your sofa, make sure you check for a discount!


Leeds (36 percent)

Birmingham (26 percent)

Cardiff (21 percent)

Norwich (19 percent)

Liverpool (16 percent)

Oxford (16 percent)

Cambridge (12 percent)

Brighton (14 percent)

Cambridge (12 percent)

London (12 percent)

Nottingham (11 percent)