Leeds is ‘2nd best city to live in’

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LEEDS has been rated the second best city in the country for people aged under 30 to live and work.

The ‘Liveability Index’, which was created by financial services provider OneFamily, ranks Britain’s towns and cities with over 200,000 residents.

Leeds city centrre

Leeds city centrre

Leeds was one place behind Sunderland based on a range of factors ranging from satisfaction and happiness to crime rates

Sunderland rated top due to low living costs, high job satisfaction and general happiness and wellbeing

Leeds placed second, followed by Aberdeen, Milton Keynes and Liverpool.

The majority of workers under 25 said they would relocate for increased wages, with nearly half saying they would move for a more affordable cost of living

The index is based on both the balance of income and costs of living in each place, as well as how residents feel about living there.

The index takes into account the cost of living and working, satisfaction with work and commuting, and general happiness levels.

It also takes into account levels of concern on issues like job prospects, work-life balance, the local property market and crime.

Nici Audhlam-Gardiner, managing director of Lifetime ISAs at OneFamily, said: “If you are thinking of buying your first home, it is important to think carefully about where you want to live.

“For most people, green spaces and living near friends and family are important

“But it is also worth thinking about the cost of living, as high costs could restrict your overall satisfaction.”