Leeds Festival goers to be offered free emergency contraception at 2018 event

Leeds Festival
Leeds Festival
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Music fans will be offered free emergency contraception at Leeds Festival 2018 after research revealed 1 in 6 young people have a one-night stand at a festival.

The morning after pill and condoms will be on offer as well as health advice.

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According to research by SpaSeekers, one in sex young people in Britain have had a one-night stand at a festival, with Bestival goers being the most promiscuous.

To help its festival-goers safeguard against unprotected sex, unwanted pregnancy and other medical concerns, Bestival, Rize and Leeds Festival have signed on with The Medicine Man to offer free contraception service to its festival attendees starting this summer. Bestival also plans to debut drug-testing facilities at this year's event.

The travelling pharmacy will give fans a range of options, including the morning after pill ellaOne, which prevents pregnancy. The pill is available without a prescription.

Jason Goldberg, Director of SpaSeekers says:

“Whether Brits are going to enjoy rock at Download or dance music at Creamfields, what really matters is that Brits enjoy the amazing festival atmosphere whilst staying safe.”

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