Leeds bars boycott vodka in ‘gay solidarity’ protest

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SOME of Leeds’ most popular bars are boycotting Russian vodka in a show of solidarity for the city’s gay community.

Bars such as Queen’s Court, Blayds, Viaduct, The New Penny and Bridge are ditching Russian vodka in the build up to Leeds Pride.

They say that the move is in a show of support of Russia’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community who they claim are facing persecution.

Thomas Wales, editor of Gay Leeds, said: “Gayleeds.com are proud to announce that the gayleeds scene in the build up to Leeds Pride 2013 and in a show of solidarity to our Russian LGB&T brothers and sisters will be ditching all Russian vodka from it’s venues.

“Russian law makers have recently put into place laws that discriminate against the LGB&T.

“Although removing the lines of vodka won’t make a massive dint in the Russian economy it will however prove that the LGB&T bars in our city care about the persecution that is going on against the gay community in Russia.

“Little changes can make a big difference and help to make sure that we don’t go backwards on equal rights is important.