Is Leeds set for more rain today?

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After the unprecedented heatwave and the prolonged dry spell - it was fairly refreshing to see some of the wet stuff falling from the sky over the weekend.

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Will it rain in Leeds today?

Will it rain in Leeds today?

In typical British fashion, now the children are off school and parents have booked time off, the gorgeous weather and high temperatures have given way to grey days and blustery breezes.

But what does the week ahead hold? More rain or a return to the heady highs of temperatures in the upper twenties?

Well, today (Monday) is expected to be a day of two halves.

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The morning should be dry if cloudy, according to experts at the Met Office, but there's a different story in the late afternoon and evening.

From around 5pm, the heavens are set to open once more and it isn't due to stop for the rest of the night, with highs of 22C predicted.

Tuesday should remain dry but will be very cloudy, with highs of 22C feeling cool and fresh for most.

The same story looks set to repeat itself for the majority of the week with temperatures climbing to 25C on Friday, and some sunshine expected to break through.