How Peaky Blinders star Cillian Murphy tried to help Leeds rough sleeper before his tragic death

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The night Peaky Blinders and Hollywood star Cillian Murphy bought rough sleeper Lee Jenkins a coffee during filming of the hit BBC show has been revealed in the wake of Lee's tragic death.

The hit BBC crime drama was filmed in Yorkshire and several spots in Leeds were used for the series.

Lee Jenkins, left, and Cillian Murphy during Peaky Blinders filming

Lee Jenkins, left, and Cillian Murphy during Peaky Blinders filming

He bought a coffee for Lee Jenkinson, who was sleeping rough in the city centre, while Peaky Blinders was being filmed.

The news that Lee died in hospital after sleeping rough in Leeds broke last week. He died on December 1.

Lee's former partner spoke out about him in a moving interview.

Otley resident David Clay paid tribute to the man.

Popular rough sleeper Lee Jenkins

Popular rough sleeper Lee Jenkins

David said: "I knew Lee from when I used to park at the end of Wellington Street.

"Every Friday I used to walk down to the Coop and Lee was usually camped outside with his dog.

"We always used to have a bit of a chat and I'd give him some money for a coffee.

"Lee had a bit of charisma and I can remember talking to him about dog ticks and the risks associated with them.

"He also said that having a dog had made it harder for him to find accommodation.

"He mentioned being in hospital and trying to get off his medication.

"Lee also told me about fighting off would-be attackers with his tent peg hammer!"

It was the incident with Cillian Murphy that sticks out in David's mind when it came to the time he spent talking to Lee.

David added: "He also told me the tale about when they were filming Peaky Blinders in Kirkstall.

"One night Cillian Murphy must have been staying in one of the city centre hotels and made the point of buying Lee a coffee one evening. Lovely story.

"He always ended our conversations by giving me a thumbs up and saying "stay safe".

"Very sad that he's gone but I knew he had a hard life."