Homeless emergency accommodation open in Leeds tonight - what to do if you see someone sleeping rough in the cold

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Emergency accommodation is open in Leeds tonight as temperatures hit 0 degrees overnight.

During periods of severe cold weather, additional emergency accommodation is provided by Leeds Council.

Emergency accommodation will be open in Leeds tonight

Emergency accommodation will be open in Leeds tonight

A spokesman for Leeds Council said: "The Council has signed up to a long standing government protocol to find accommodation for any person who requires it, irrespective of legal duty, when the temperature is forecast to be below zero for two nights in succession.

"The Leeds approach exceeds the government protocol described above, in that the arrangements are activated if the temperature is forecast to be below zero for one night and are not suspended until the first standard working day after the temperature has risen above zero.

"This means that during the period that Severe Weather Provision (SWP) arrangements are in place, no one needs to sleep on the streets of Leeds."

How to secure emergency accommodation or who to call if you spot a rough sleeper

During office hours (Monday – Thursday 8:30 - 4pm Friday 9:30 - 4pm) Anyone facing sleeping rough should go to Leeds Housing Options, Merrion House, Leeds LS2 8PD.

Out of hours placements are made through the Leeds Housing Office ‘Out of hours’ response on 07891 273939.

The public can also notify the Street Outreach Team in Leeds if they are worried about a rough sleeper – contact can be made with this team on 0113 245 9445 or email via on Leeds.SOS@cgl.org.uk.

The Street Outreach Team work closely with the local authority to obtain suitable accommodation for rough sleepers and are in operation between 23.00 – 2.00 during the severe weather conditions.