Dog rushed to Yorkshire vets after eating a kilo of gravel

The dog from York ate a KILO of gravel
The dog from York ate a KILO of gravel
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This bizarre x-ray shows a playful cocker spaniel’s stomach full to burst after swallowing one kilo of GRAVEL -- the same weight as a watermelon.

Greedy seven-year-old Chip had to be saved in dramatic circumstances by vets who performed emergency surgery to prevent his stomach from rupturing.

The x-ray showing the stomach full of gravel

The x-ray showing the stomach full of gravel

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But he luckily lived to tell the tale despite munching down a belly full of stones which meant the pooch “almost felt like a bean bag”.

Owners Fi Godfrey-Fausset and David Wheeler first spotted something was amiss after witnessing a usually sprightly Chip vomiting and passing unusual objects in his poop.

They suspected Chip had wolfed down the unfortunate snack whilst lapping up butter he had stolen and then regurgitated onto the ground in the backyard.

But the doting couple were left stunned by what vets found lodged in Chip’s stomach who had literally bit off more than he could chew.

Fi said: “Chip is such an energetic dog and although he was still bright, I knew he was not quite himself as he had not been very excitable for a couple of days.

“When I came home from work to find him repeatedly vomiting, I contacted Minster Vets who advised us to bring him in to the practice and they examined him straight away.

“I still can’t quite believe what was found inside our poor pup.”

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The poorly pooch was taken to Minster Vets’ main hospital on Salisbury Road where he was examined by clinical director Sarah Ford.

She said: “I examined Chip and could feel lots of small, hard objects in his stomach. He almost felt like a bean bag.

“We x-rayed his stomach which revealed he was filled with gravel.

"I have never witnessed anything of this scale, so I was shocked at first, especially since Chip was still bright and chirpy.

“You would never think he had a kilo of gravel inside of him.

“The main concern was that Chip was unable to eat or drink due to the gravel causing a blockage in his stomach.

“There was also the potential danger of the gravel causing perforation of the stomach and the decision was made to operate to remove it which was successful.”

Chip was placed under anaesthetic and vets pulled out the kilo of gravel from his stomach just in the nick of time.

He is now back at his home in York after making a full recovery, much to owner Fi’s relief.

She added: “I would like to thank the team at Minster Vets as their expertise has saved

our beloved Chip from an uncomfortable and uncertain fate.

“They handled the situation calm and professionally and Chip is now back to his sprightly self.”

If you suspect your dog has eaten something it shouldn’t, seek veterinary advice immediately.