Did he murder my Yvonne?

BY MATTHEW TAYLOR THE mother of Yvonne Fitt – who detectives believe may have been another of John Taylor's victims – said today that his new revelations were "too little too late."

Detectives now believe Leanne Tiernan's killer – the "dangerous sexual sadist" who was given two further life sentences after pleading guilty to two cases of rape yesterday – is a prime suspect in Yvonne's case.

But Ena Fitt, of Chapeltown, said: "He has only got one life and he is not getting out now so I don't see what difference it will make giving him more and more time in prison. If it was someone else then yes, but he is in prison for the rest of his days now. If this man is responsible I would like to know but he only has one life so what difference will it make?"

Yvonne Fitt's body was found in September, 1992, at Warren Point, Norwood Edge, five miles north of Otley and 100 yards from the spot where Leanne's body was hidden. She had been repeatedly stabbed.

During a year-long investigation, three people were arrested and questioned and later released without charge. The hunt for her killer had gone cold until Taylor's arrest in October 2001.