Desperate plea as Aireborough Civic Society membership plummets...

By Debbie Leigh

THE few remaining members of a Leeds campaign group have issued a rallying cry to residents, calling on them to join up or lose the chance to improve their area.

Clive Woods, treasurer of Aireborough Civic Society – which covers Yeadon, Guiseley, Rawdon and the villages of Hawksworth and Carlton – says membership of the 32-year-old group has dropped so far it has reached “critical level.”

He is urging people who care about pressing local issues such as over-development and congestion to attend tonight’s crisis meeting at Yeadon Library to determine whether the group has had its day or can muster enough new members to continue.

Chairman Peter Middleton said: “Aireborough Civic Society should have an important part to play in the future of this area as a non-political group, open to all residents in Guiseley, Hawksworth, Rawdon and Yeadon, campaigning to improve our area.


“The fact that we are part of a national organisation, The Civic Trust, adds clout to our views and campaigns.

“We just need more enthusiastic residents and representatives from other organisations to join us in campaigning for the whole Aireborough Area.”

Mr Woods said there were many important issues affecting the district that an active society would be able to influence.

But he said members were needed from every corner of the fragmented area – from its six conservation areas, three town centres and many housing estates.

At the meeting Katie Stewart from the Civic Trust will talk about how the society could be changed so it covered more issues that matter to local people – such as Leeds Bradford Airport, parking, congestion, improving green spaces, graffiti and public transport, as well as continuing to discuss planning applications.

The meeting is being held at 7.15pm tonight at Yeadon Library.