Derrick aftershave bottle used to inflict fatal injuries may have “slipped through” Leeds prison security

Liam Deane.
Liam Deane.

The aftershave bottle allegedly used to inflict the fatal injuries on inmate Liam Deane might have “slipped though” security at Armley jail, jurors heard.

Leeds Crown Court heard a smashed, blood stained, Derrick eau de toilette spray was found inside the cell where the 22-year-old was found dead on his bunk.

Prosecutor Moulson, QC, read statements to the jury made by prison officers after Deane was found dead on November 12 last year.

‘Prisoner used smashed aftershave bottle to murder cellmate at Leeds prison,’ court told

Officer Christopher Hall described how saw part of the bottle on the floor.

The officer said prisoners were allowed glass bottles in cells, including coffee jars which can been bought from the prison canteen, but bottles of aftershave were not sold.

He said: “It might have slipped through when a prisoner is transferred from outside.”

Officer Carl Stroud described in a statement how Westland seemed “cool and calm” when he went to the cell.

The court heard blood was smeared on on the walls of the cell.

Blood staining was also found on Dean’s t-shirt and mattress.

Describing the scene he said: “The blood was horrendous. There appeared to be so much of it.”

Another officer described how Westland appeared “agitated and could not stay still” and was trying to wash his hands.

Mr Moulson said: “Prison staff members noticed that some tissue was rapped around his (Westland’s) right thumb which was to deal with a cut on his finger.”

Westland’s fingerprints were later found on the glass from the aftershave bottle.