Bogus water board official preyed on elderly women in Leeds

Steven Wright.
Steven Wright.

A career burglar who tricked his way into the homes of two elderly women by posing a water board official has been locked up for four years.

A court heard Steven Wright deliberately preyed upon the vulnerable victims to fund his addiction to the drug spice.

Wright targeted an 83-year-old woman outside her home on Strathmore View, Harehills, on June 27 this year.

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Wright told the woman she had a leaking pipe that needed to be fixed.

He went into the property and told the woman to turn on the tap in her kitchen.

He then asked her to go upstairs to flush the toilet.

When she returned she discovered cash and bank cards had been taken from her purse.

Wright used the bank card to buy items at two shops.

He committed a second burglary on July 6 at an 80-year-old woman’s home on Potternewton Court.

Wright told the woman to go to the kitchen to turn on the tap.

She returned to find him in her bedroom.

Wright then picked up a jar of money and left.

The victim later discovered her mobile phone and a Kindle was missing.

Wright was arrested after being recognised from CCTV footage of him approaching the house.

His fingerprints were also in the property.

Wright, 37, of Stainbeck Road, Meanwood, pleaded guilty to two offences of burglary and two of fraud.

It is his sixth conviction for house burglary.

Adrian Pollard, mitigating, said Wright had become addicted to spice while serving a last prison sentence.

He said: “He can;t believe that he meddled in that type of drug.

“He feels embarrassed and humiliated.”

Judge Robin Mairs told Wright: “One doesn’t need victim impact statements to recognise that trauma that these offences will cause to those who are vulnerable.”