A modern approach to vintage work in Leeds

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Free lunch on the boss and time off for barbecues in the sun.

This is how a new start up firm is getting the best out of 
its staff and creating a place where they want to come to work.

Vintage Cash Cow is a start-up business that buys vintage and antique costume jewellery, silver, gold, medals, watches, pens and such items.

But it is doing it in a very modern way using new technology which it is calling ‘vintech’ and has created 50 new jobs in the process.

It hopes to make this 150 roles by the end of the year and has jobs in customer services, administration and even software development.

Chief executive officer, Adam Bates said if apple did antiques “this is how they would do it” and that the people they look to employ are mainly aged mid-30s and over.

He said: “People say if you don’t have a degree you can’t get a job but we are looking for the right attitude and if people have something about them.

“Over 35s are the people we love and we are very flexible. Start at 9am, finish at 8pm, work a split shift, half or a full day so they can fit around the school run or interests.”

Mr Bates said staff had worked hard to help get the business established and off the ground and it was important to recognise

He added: “It is a really nice atmosphere to work in. We give everyone lunch and have a takeaway Friday.

“While the weather was nice we did a barbecue outside and had two hours off for lunch.

“We are a start up and asked a lot of people and the founders like to give back.”