11 steps for Leeds folk to follow when buying gifts for awkward people

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Leeds folk struggling to find festive presents for awkward friends and family should be inventive or just gamble if they’re still stuck, according to buying experts.

Researchers from money saving specialists PromotionalCodes.org.uk have revealed eleven do’s and don’ts when Christmas shopping for that fiendishly fussy friend or a more distant relative.



Stressing out, overspending or avoiding the issue by giving boring gift cards are among the traps to watch out for in the build-up to this festive season.

Instead the experts recommend trying to tailor presents, getting creative or picking something that’s easily re-giftable.

1 Personalise it

Gift-givers should consult the recipient’s closer friends or family to generate ideas for presents or consider stalking their social media for a truly personal touch.

General present suitable for someone’s age, gender or other obvious preferences are always a safe bet, likewise anything with their name on it or in the colours of their favourite sports team.

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2. Get cooking

Everyone likes food, so put any special kitchen skills to use and whip up some show-stopping snacks, cakes or biscuits, dips, jams or pickles.

3. Don’t stress

It’s not worth overthinking what to get the most awkward person in your life this Christmas; they’ll realise they pose a challenge, so as long as you don’t keep putting it off and forget, they’ll appreciate the effort.

4. Get good value for money

Wisely shop around to get the most bang for your buck by using voucher codes and exclusive offers from a money saving website.

5. Don’t be boring

Gift cards do serve a purpose and will always be gratefully received, but most Brits are bored of them nowadays and gifting one demonstrates a distinct lack of thought.

DVDs and CDs are also best avoided unless you want to tread the tightrope of their tastes and run the risk of duplicates.

6. Make sure the price is right

It’s necessary to spend enough to show you care, so steer clear of the clearance bin in the local pound shop.

It’s also just as important not to overspend and waste money if you don’t know what the recipient really wants or share a particularly close relationship.

7. Wrap it well

Minimal expense, time and effort are required to elevate the status of a gift with some smart wrapping paper and a neat bow.

8. Gamble

Don’t forget that, primarily, it’s the thought that counts and any present is better than no present, so just guess and get them something from the next shop you pass if you’ve been stuck for ages.

9. Break out the booze

A good bottle of wine, spirits or a crate of beer are never, ever a bad present (unless of course the intended recipient is underage or has objections on personal or religious grounds).

10. Be inventive

If you handy with arts and crafts, break out the tools, art equipment or even knitting needles.

Depending on the budget, Christmas is also a great time to help them create memories by gifting an appropriate experience day.

11. Give something easily re-giftable

If there are still no better ideas, head to a quality store and buy something generic that the recipient can easily give to someone else in the new year, if they don’t need or want it themselves.

Darren Williams, of PromotionalCodes.org.uk, said: “Every time Christmas comes around, there’s always that one tricky family member, aloof acquaintance or challenging colleague. Buying a present for someone you don’t know too well, or that’s renowned for being fussy, is one of the annual festive tests that Brits can’t avoid.

“So our research team have revealed eleven Christmas shopping guidelines to consider when gift hunting for the awkward person in your life.”