Latest pilates craze hits Leeds

These might look like some form of medieval torture devices but this super fit form of yoga will quite literally help you snap back into shape.

The infamous Reformer and Cadillac are the answer to some of Hollywood's A-List celebrity's prayers - and now they are set to transform the lives of the people of Leeds.

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They might look slightly daunting but these machines at Leeds Pilates Place can help to improve strength and flexibility, improve posture as well as aiding with lower back pain and weight loss.

Pilates teacher Claire Sparrow told the YEP: "When people first see the equipment they normally say something along the lines of oh my goodness that looks like some form of torture.

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"A lot of people might refer to as a little bit rude because of all the straps, ropes and the fluffy handcuffs.

"People often think what on earth but once they use the machines its is like a eureka moment for them.

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"It really supports your body and enhances your movement.They are a helping hand."

Former dancer Claire and her business partner Kath, who used to be a trapeze artist, both hail from Scotland and have 25 years combined experience in pilates.

They have spent the last 10 years teaching their tricks of the trade to others and over six months have been spent in their new Kirkstall base.

Fitness buffs will be able to take up their new New Body, New Year challenge which will see them undergo vigorous training to see a difference to their body within 30 sessions.

If customers don't think they can see a difference then they will get a refund.

Claire added: "There is absolutely nobody that can't try out pilates in some way, shape or form.

"If you're in a wheelchair that does not matter because you can work on your strength.

"It's absolutely amazing what you can do.

"Pilates is something that is becoming more and more prevalent."


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