Landmark case sees Leeds domestic violence suspect jailed – despite never being charged

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A domestic violence suspect has been jailed in a landmark case – despite never being charged with a criminal offence.

Mark Kay, aged 22, from Beeston, was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of domestic assault but was released without charge due to insufficient evidence.

However, he was issued with a new type of order called a domestic violence protection notice (DVPN) on his release, which banned him from contacting the alleged victim.

Within hours he was arrested again after getting in touch through a mutual acquaintance and was subsequently given a domestic violence protection order (DVPO), which allows a court to impose longer-term restrictions.

But he was back in court the next day after ignoring the order by going to the woman’s home and shouting through the letterbox. In one of the first instances of its kind since the orders were introduced in June, Kay has now been jailed for two months – the maximum sentence available.

Detective Inspector Dave Cowley, of Leeds District Safeguarding Unit, said: “This case should send a very clear message to perpetrators of domestic violence that we are making full use of the new powers to afford additional protection to those at risk of domestic abuse.

“These new orders are a very powerful tool that can quickly be put in place to target domestic violence suspects when other restrictions, such as bail conditions, are not available to manage the behaviour of those who present an ongoing risk.

“As this case has illustrated, there are serious consequences for those who breach their orders and we are pleased to see the courts supporting this important work to keep victims safe.”

Tony Burdin, chief executive of Sheffield Mutual Friendly Society

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