Knife siege man jailed over Leeds knife point stand off with police

Krzystof Gruszecki.
Krzystof Gruszecki.
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A MAN who held a knife to his former partner’s throat during a two-hour stand off with police has been jailed for two years.

Police negotiators had to be called and officers eventually had to rush into a house in Beeston to overpower Krzystof Gruszecki before he could cause further injury to the victim.

Leeds Crown Court heard Gruszecki, 35, attacked his former partner home in front of her twin seven-year-old children on September 17 this year.


Gruszecki went round to the property on Cross Flatts Terrace despite the eight-year relationship being over.

Carmel Pearson, prosecuting said the children answered the door to Gruszecki and they told their mother that daddy was home.

Gruszecki then forced his way inside and punched the woman repeatedly to the floor.

Thewoman was able to get to her feet and call to a neighbour who called police and managed to get the children out of the house.

Gruszecki continued to punch the woman in the face before getting a knife from the kitchen. He then took her to the top of the stairs and held the weapon to her throat.

Neighbours tried to reason with Gruszecki until police arrived.

Miss Pearson said: “The police even employed the servives of a police negotiator hoping that he could be persuaded to release the knife and also the victim.

“That did not work and the police evevntually took matters into their own hands and managed to overpower him.”

Gruszecki pleaded guilty to false imprisonment.

Natalie Banks, mitigating, said Gruszecki was full of remorse for what he had done and accepted that he would be facing a prison sentence.

The court heard Gruszecki told probation officers after the incident that the girls would not have been affected by the incident.

Judge Penelope Belcher said: “Those children were plainly distressed and frightened. They heard their mother screaming.

“The person they regarded as their father was seen by them punching their father.

“The suggestion that those children would not have suffered is a complete nonsense.”

Gruszecki was also made the subject of a restraining order banning him from contacting the victim.