Kitty Cafe Leeds prepares for opening date

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The opening of Leeds's new cat cafe has been delayed slightly - but the owners are busy preparing to unveil their feline haven to the public.

Kate Charles-Richards - who runs the original Kitty Cafe in Nottingham - is expanding her business to Leeds, and has secured premises in a prime city centre location.

The project began in April with a planned opening in August, but renovations to the building by the landlords have delayed work on the interiors.

The site will benefit from a £500,000 refit, and architects CPMG have been commissioned to design a cat-friendly environment with full air conditioning, large windows and a luxury 'cat snug' - a human-free area for the felines to retreat to and relax in.

Kate hopes to be able to confirm the cafe's location later this month and launch an online booking system to cope with the expected high demand for visiting slots.

"We are getting more and more excited about Leeds. There is still a lot of work to do. As we have massive expansion plans in the UK, Leeds is going to be our showcase," said Kate, who is bringing two duty managers from her Nottingham cafe to run the new site.

"No expense in being spared on our kitties and the customer experience. We have a team of companies working with us to get every tiny detail correct and this will mean the third and fourth Kitty Cafes will follow quickly.

"In Nottingham we have learned many lessons and Leeds is therefore going to be ideal cafe. We have even revamped our logo, with Leeds having its own specific variation on it!

"I am desperate to let everyone know the location. The landlord has some work to complete before our fit-out, however it will mean that the exterior of the property will look great with big long windows for the cats to look out of, and of course for all those curious shoppers to look in.

"We have had the lovely people of Leeds contacting us on a daily basis asking for the location and opening date! We have had one lady, Rachel Bannister, guess the location correctly. She has been tasked with keeping our secret!

"It is a super-prime location in a pedestrianised, busy shopping area. We know there can be all sorts of delays with shop fitting, and we do not want to disappoint our customers; as soon as it is set in stone and we are 100 per cent sure, we will release the date and the booking system on our website."

The business will employ around 25 staff, and will release job application details via social media once the opening details are finalised.

Around 35 rescue cats will live in the cafe full-time.

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