Killed ‘for a kiss by jealous friend’ EXCLUSIVE

LIVING WITH GRIEF: Jason Hall's family, from left, Shauna Fletcher, Linda Hall, Matthew Hall, Andrea Markham and Archie Hall. Below, Steven Sharkey.
LIVING WITH GRIEF: Jason Hall's family, from left, Shauna Fletcher, Linda Hall, Matthew Hall, Andrea Markham and Archie Hall. Below, Steven Sharkey.
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Leeds killer Steven Sharkey murdered his best friend after a 10-year obsession that he had once kissed his girlfriend.

The family of Jason Hall spoke to the YEP after Sharkey was jailed for life for murdering the dad-of-two.

Family and friends of the men believe Sharkey harboured a long-standing obsession that Mr Hall had once kissed his partner Keeley Best. Mr Hall denied the kiss took place and Ms Best denied it during the trial.

Mr Hall’s sister Andrea Markham said: “If it didn’t happen, then Jason has died for absolutely nothing. If it did, then he has lost his life for one kiss. One way or the other it is a pointless waste of life.”

Sharkey had attacked Mr Hall many times. On one occasion he threw him down a flight of stairs and smashed his head against a radiator.

In another attack he broke Mr Hall’s collarbone after hitting him with a bar.

Ms Markham added: “We think it stems from a bad argument the two of them had years ago about girlfriends, Jason turned around in temper to Sharkey and told him he had kissed Keeley but since then has always said it never really happened. No matter how many times Jason denied it, Sharkey would never let it lie.”

Mum Linda said: “Everybody knew about Sharkey attacking Jason. Sometimes it would get reported to the police but Jason would always refuse to press charges. We find it hard to understand why Jason would always go carrying on hanging around with Sharkey. We told him to keep away but it didn’t do any good.”

Mr Hall’s family said Carey was never close friends with Mr Hall but they find his involvement hard to comprehend after younger brother Archie helped save Carey’s life following a car accident 14 years ago.

Archie Hall said: “He wrapped his car around the corner of a wall in Cross Gates. I was the first on the scene and I helped him and called the ambulance. If I hadn’t have been there he could have died. For him to then do this to my brother is unbelievable.”

Brother Matthew said: “There are only two people who know the truth of what really happened that night but I don’t expect them to tell us. “We have to live with this as a family for ever and so does Sharkey’s family. It affects so many other lives.”

Andrea said Jason’s death had been devastating for Mr Hall’s children’s Ethan, nine, and Millie, seven.

She added: “We have had a lot to put up with since Jason’s death but have kept quiet and accepted the fact that people are innocent until proven guilty.

“But it is Jason’s family who have been given the real life sentence. Those two heartbroken children have lost their dad forever. Sharkey will still get to have visits from his children until he is released. I don’t call that a life sentence.”

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