Kelly Pegg: Why family should always come before career

Kelly Pegg will always put family first.
Kelly Pegg will always put family first.
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So Cheryl and Liam Payne are upping sticks and heading to America where he will focus on his music career and she will focus on being a mother to their new addition.

Is it just me who thinks that this is a marvellous idea?

I’ve read what the skeptics have to say, that she won’t be comfortable living in her man’s shadow and she’ll never make it in the US herself…and it’s nonsense.

Cheryl’s become a mum for the first time and it’s the most magical time for any person. It’s also important to cherish every moment as it goes far too quickly.

She wants to focus on being a mum and I’m 100 per cent certain that work is the last thing on her mind.

I think it’s wonderful that both she and Liam want to stay together as a family and the fact that Cheryl will move to America to keep her family together says everything about her love for her new family.

In my marriage it’s fair to say my husband is more successful than I, and I have moved around the UK to be by his side. Our most recent move is the last one (fingers crossed) as now we have our daughter I want her to settle and feel stable.

I’d be lying if I said that at times I haven’t struggled with Chris being the one who has the most successful career. When we were both nominated for separate radio awards and I lost and he won, I found it incredibly difficult. I was so pleased for him but, of course, I wished I’d have won too.

I forget sometimes that Chris is older than me – 13 years to be exact – and has had lots of bumps and hard times along the way.

He’s worked extremely hard to get where he has, and to maintain that, as well as constantly working on himself to become better all the time. I know that we come first in his world though and he has us in mind with everything he does.

I think Cheryl is more than likely loving her new adventure as a mother and not having to put a face on all the time for work.

Everyone needs to take time out now and again, even if the reason isn’t about having a child. There is nothing wrong with taking your foot off the gas within your career and following and supporting your partner’s ambitions instead for a bit.

What happens in life, family, love, happiness, health and home are what life is all about and although it’s great to have a job or a career you love, it’s unhealthy to be married to it.

When I first took the job at Radio Aire I had to live in hotels away from my daughter and my husband and I now regret the decision to move without them so much.

It was so tough and during my absence my little girl developed sleep problems, which she still has. I don’t know if that was because of me being away but it’s a bit of a coincidence that it all occurred at the same time.

In the last nearly two years I’ve learnt many valuable lessons, but the biggest lesson I’ve learned is all that matters is my husband and daughter, who are my world.

I’m really looking forward to becoming a mum again, at some point soon hopefully, and expanding my family unit and this time I will try not to worry about my career.

After having my daughter I felt very ambitious in the sense that I wanted to do something great so she would be proud of me.

I very quickly learned that she doesn’t care if her mummy is on the radio or not, all she cares about is her mummy spending time with her and being there.

My greatest success is being her mum and I try to remind myself of that daily – it doesn’t matter what kind of day I’ve had at work.

As long as my family are fine then I’m lucky and grateful.


The Strictly curse has struck again with the news that Louise Rednapp and husband Jamie are fighting to save their 18-year marriage.

Apparently since starring in the BBC1 show Louise’s career has reinvented itself and she’s finding herself inundated with offers.

Having brought up three boys and supported her husband’s football career, she probably feels it’s time for the spotlight to be on her. The couple has always seemed to have one of the strongest marriages in showbiz so it’s really sad to hear they are having a tough time. Everyone who is married knows it goes up and down, sometimes life is great and sometime you hit a few bumps.

It is always harder for a woman once she starts a family, as motherhood becomes your number one career. There is nothing wrong with that, however if you are married to someone who is famous you can end up living in their shadow. Louise is a great role model for women who have raised a family and are now ready to take a different journey.

It’s never too late to try new things and no matter whether a person is famous or not you can try new things and absolutely follow your dreams.

It can be hard on the other person in the relationship because when someone changes it can cause fear. The best thing Jamie could do is support his beautiful wife on her new journey and show her just how proud of her he is.


This Friday we are holding Super Hero Day at Radio Aire.

Our charity Cash For Kids organises the event to help disadvantaged and poorly children across Leeds and West Yorkshire. The idea is that we all act like Superheroes for the day, raising money and making a difference.

As soon as you turn the news on you see terrible things involving children in countries like Syria. What we often don’t realise is there are also children on our doorstep who are enduring terrible times. I spoke to the manager of a nursery which Cash For Kids grants money to. It’s based in a part of Leeds, which is poverty stricken and the manager said some children didn’t have a garden, had never held a pencil and didn’t even know what sand was.

As a mum I find stories like this really sad and unbelievable that in 2017 children in the UK are still living in poverty – it just shouldn’t be. We would love you to get involved and help too. To donate go to