Kelly Pegg: Is it me or are there some questions you shouldn’t ask?

Picture: Ian West/PA Photos.
Picture: Ian West/PA Photos.
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The actress Barbara Windsor recently said that every time she is interviewed she’s asked, “Why don’t you have any children?”

She says she never felt maternal and it was something that just didn’t appeal to her.

It alarms me that anyone thinks this is a credible question to ask anyone – it’s none of anyone’s business. It’s hard to believe that of all the questions you could ask someone like Barbara Windsor journalists choose ‘the children’ one.

There are just some questions that aren’t acceptable to ask a person. It’s always a woman who will be asked about children.

If a man is in his 40s and single, no-one will ask him why he doesn’t have kids guaranteed.

Society deems it okay for men not to want children but not women.

I’m a mum and my daughter and husband are my world that said I totally respect every person’s choice in life when it comes to starting or not starting a family.

I have friends who are older than me and don’t have children through choice and friends who would love children but for health reasons can’t.

It’s such a personal question to ask a woman and I can’t believe people think it’s acceptable.

I remember being 26 years old and my godmother asking my Nana Jean just when she thought I would settle down and have a family.

Nana Jean was horrified, she had always encouraged me to live my life to the full and not settle down until I was ready.

During her time in the Celebrity Jungle the model Lisa Snowden spoke about how she never found the right guy to have children with.

She admitted that now she was in her 40s she felt like that ship had sailed.

Whether a woman has children or not that shouldn’t define her or her life achievements.

As a society we judge people for the their life choices especially if they go against the what is considered the norm.

What we should do is celebrate everyone’s decisions in life and see people for who they are as an individual.

For me being a mum is my greatest achievement but for anther woman it could be their wonderful career.

Once I became a mother I found people would fire all sorts of personal questions at me that instantly made me feel like I was being judged.

“Are you breast feeding?” “Why is your daughter so tiny, was she premature?” and this came from other mums or in my opinion should know better.

I was talking to a new friend of mine recently who told me how she tried for seven years to conceive.

She said everyone around her was having babies and kept asking why she wasn’t and of course it broke her heart.

She did eventually fall pregnant and now has two healthy girls.

However there is a reason for everything so if someone doesn’t have a child you need to think before you go asking.If they want you to know anything they will tell you.

It’s the same as people who are single for some it is a choice and they like being in control of their own life. For others they just haven’t found the right person yet and they are acutely aware that they are on their own.

People make the choices that are right for them and sadly for some people the choices are made for them and they have no say.

What we have to start doing is to stop asking and stop judging!

We need to celebrate everyone’s choice in life and to remember to think before we speak.

A case of more money than sense?

In has been reported that Wayne Rooney threw away £500,000 gambling at a casino at the weekend.

There will be people out there who say it’s his money and he should be able to spend it how he wants.

I’m not one of those people.

It’s clear footballers are paid too much money, shame on these clubs who permit these astronomical wages!

With everything that is going on in the world, surely Wayne Rooney could have spent that £500,000 on something more worthwhile.

Footballers are an elite minority of people who earn so much money they don’t know what to do with it.

Blowing it on a roulette table instead of using it to make a difference in the world is, in my opinion, a sad state of affairs.

We treat footballers as role models, young boys look up to them and older men wish they could be them.

They have a gift, which lends itself to a very privileged life, and yet so few are humble and respect that.

I wonder what would happen if Rooney suddenly woke up one day and all of his wealth had just vanished?

Something tells me if that did happen he would seriously regret blowing large sums of money at a casino.

We need to give husbands more credit

I’ve been poorly for more than a week now and I spent most of last weekend in bed.

My husband Chris was doing everything, the cleaning, the washing, looking after our daughter and walking the dogs.

It made me eat humble pie as in the past I have been known to say men can’t multi task.

Well I take it back, Chris can totally multi task.

He’s been my knight in shining armour and my rock.

I shall never again moan when he leaves his pants on the bedroom floor or forgets to take out the bins!.

He really has kept everything together and not moaned once.

I realised that it’s me who is rendered useless without him but he copes perfectly fine without me!