Kai can now walk thanks to miracle op

5 Year old Kai Hodgkinson Photo: Rossparry.co.uk / Steven Schofield
5 Year old Kai Hodgkinson Photo: Rossparry.co.uk / Steven Schofield
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A five-year-old Spider-Man fan with cerebral palsy can finally move like his hero after undergoing a life-changing operation and waking up and asking: “Can I climb yet?”.

Kai Hodgkinson underwent surgery in Leeds that would help him to climb - just like his favourite superhero.

And now the schoolboy has astounded his parents and doctors after achieving his little lifetime ambition - just two weeks after having the operation.

Delighted Kai is now demonstrating his new found skills in the Spider-Man outfit he was given as a present by nurses - and climbing the stairs at home.

Proud dad, healthcare assistant Brian Roberts, 37, said: “Kai’s cerebral palsy only really affects him physically.

“If you walked into a room and he was sat on the floor he could be chatting away and you wouldn’t know any different, but now he has had this operation he can do anything.”

His parents, Brian and Caron Hodgkinson, 35, found details of an operation on the internet that could improve muscle stiffness in children with cerebral palsy and therefore allow them to walk.

Up until the op, Kai could only walk with aids but if it was anything further than a few yards he would have to be in his wheelchair.

Two years of countless charity nights, fun days, boxing nights, dance-offs and even a parachute jump by Brian - he said the first time he ever went in a plane was to jump out of it - the family had managed to raise a whopping £43,000.

Cerebral palsy occurs when a child sustains a brain injury early in life. This most often happens before birth.

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