Junk Food City: Superslimmer Karen ditched the takeaways and lost 10.5 stone

Karen Nutter, 38, of  Armley, has lost over 10 stones after ditching the takeaways.
Karen Nutter, 38, of Armley, has lost over 10 stones after ditching the takeaways.
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Superslimmer Karen Nutter weighed 23 stone at her heaviest - and she admits her love of takeaways was a large factor in her obesity issues.

The 38-year-old has now lost almost half her body weight - and transformed her life - after ditching the junk food for healthier alternatives.



Inspirational Karen, from Armley, said her weekly meals were often dominated by take-outs.

Any small trip out would end with her “nipping” to a KFC or McDonalds, and there were many days when she would have a full burger meal for lunch, and then a Chinese takeaway for her evening meal.

“We do have too many takeaways,” she said.

“In Armley, whichever road you go on, there’s a parade of them.



“I have three Chinese takeaways within walking distance.

“Councils should have more powers to limit numbers.

“We don’t need 10 shops doing the same thing in an area.”

Karen finally conquered her weight issues with the help of her local Slimming World group, losing 10.5 stone steadily over three years.

She says the group’s ‘fake-aways’ idea - swapping takeaway favourites for healthier, homemade alternatives - has been a great help.

She added: “I think takeaways are part of the nation’s health issues because it’s about convenience food.

“We need more family time to cook together - and we need more choice for everyone.”

Lifelong dieter Karen - who said she weighed 14 stone by the time she reached her teens - is backing moves by Leeds City Council to put a cap on the numbers of takeaways in neighbourhoods, and help people build good food habits.

She was so inspired by her own weight loss journey that she has become a Slimming World consultant herself, holding weekly groups in New Wortley.


Leeds has landed in the top 10 in a league of shame of fast-food addicted cities.

The Food Nation 2014 study found Leeds people spend an average of £1,430 a year EACH on takeaways and eating out, behind big metropolitan centres like London, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

The overall takeaway addicts, of 30 cities surveyed , were people in Coventry. They spend £2,500 each on junk food every year, HALF their total food spend.

The study found that as a nation, we spend almost £30 BILLION a year on takeouts and meals out, and fast food accounts for a third of our entire food budgets. The average Brit chomps their way through 84 fast food meals a year, and a further 64 ready meals. One in four people said laziness was the main reason for their takeaway habit and 13 per cent claimed they simply don’t have time to cook.