Journalist's 'fury' over libel claim

A journalist told of his "fury" at being sued for libel by Dewsbury MP Shahid Malik, who claims he was branded a racist.

"I was absolutely indignant because that was not the relationship I had had with that man," Danny Lockwood told the High Court in London.

He was editor of the Dewsbury Press in May, 2006, when it printed a letter by ousted Tory councillor Jonathan Scott.

Mr Scott complained of intimidation by Mr Malik's "cohorts" at a polling station. He alleged the MP's "Asian ethnic entourage behaved no better than the BNP thugs they purport to be so offended by."

Mr Lockwood who, with publisher Newspost Ltd and Mr Scott, denies libel, said he felt "fury" at receiving a solicitor's letter on July 10.

"I thought my position was to support my MP while holding him to account."