Jogger was beaten and robbed on canal path

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A JOGGER was left seriously injured after he was beaten and robbed on a canal towpath in Leeds by two teenagers fuelled by cider and the drug M-Cat.

Shriram Gopalakrishnan, 36, was “treated as a punchbag” by his two attackers Jason Beck and Josh Clough, Judge Scott Wolstenholme said yesterday when he locked both up at Leeds Crown Court adding: “it was a brutal attack, really sickening violence.”

He had run past a group of youths near the lock at Thwaite Mill on the Leeds Liverpool Canal on his outward run while listening to music on his iPod.

Richard Smith prosecuting said on his way back one tried to trip him and he was then repeatedly kicked and punched to his head and body by the duo.

He put his arms up trying to protect himself and felt his watch pulled from his wrist.

His iPod was also taken and a gold chain from around his neck before he heard a voice saying “it’s over, you can come out.”

Dazed and bleeding, he pleaded to be left alone, but was then punched and kicked for a second time, said Mr Smith.

A cyclist went to his aid and police and an ambulance were called. He was taken to Leeds General Infirmary where he was found to a broken jaw, a serious wound to his left ear which required two operations, injuries to his face and head and a suspected fractured rib and broken nose.

Meanwhile Clough returned home and asked his grandmother to wash his clothes pretending he had been involved in an incident while playing football.

Beck, 19, of Winrose Avenue, Belle Isle, Leeds was sent to a young offender institution for five years while Clough, 17, of Whitfield Square, Hunslet, Leeds was ordered to be detained for four and a half years. Both admitted the robbery and Beck asked for 50 other offences to be taken into consideration mainly of theft.

Jayne Dodson representing them said the incident started as a stupid prank when they decided to trip the jogger but when he complained disinhibited by cider and M-Cat they lost their temper and launched a “ferocious” attack which they both now regretted.


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