Jeremy Corbyn: Leeds’ YEP readers have their say on new Labour leader debate

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Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide victory to become the new leader of the Labour party prompted national debate, and YEP readers have had their say.

Here is a selection of letters from our readers on the topic.

Left-wing references

I notice, as have many, that the BBC constantly refer to Corbyn as the “left wing” Leader of The Labour Party, as do many newspapers.

Could they also refer, therefore, to Cameron as the “right wing” Leader of The Conservative Party in favour of objectivity?

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Any other candidate would have been better

Jeremy Corbyn lacks presence and personality. What little respect I had for him evaporated when he refused to sing our national anthem! This is not just about our royal family but about our nation.

What did he hope to prove by demonstrating his ignorance?

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Priorities are wrong

Yesterday the House Of Commons discussed the ending of tax credits, which is going to affect a lot of people very negatively.

Yet what is on all the front pages this morning? Corbyn not singing the National Anthem. He has made clear his gratitude to the people who fought against Fascism in WW2. He doesn’t sing it because of his principles.

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Tories should stop gloating

Now that the new leadership of Tom and Jerry are in place, the Tories would do well to stop gloating.

If Corbyn can persuade those young people who have never voted before, or have never been interested even in the slightest in politics, to register their support for him, then surely he can perform the same trick over the coming years.

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Forget about Corbyn mania

Who would have guessed that Jeremy Corbyn would one day lead the Labour party, I don’t even believe the man himself would.

A man of our time, the creation by the media and the political pundits of a damp squib, the demonisation of Mr Corbyn will now commence. Corbyn mania, a storm that will rumble on and on and on from the day he was elected to the 2020 election, then like Ed Miliband he will just fade away.

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Mood of the electorate

The pro Tory press are now saying that Jeremy Corbyn will drag this country back to the bad old days of the 70s.

What do they expect after successive governments over the last 35 years, including the so called New Labour government, have dragged the ordinary workers back to the Victorian era in terms of workers rights pay and conditions?

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Heart of politics

A recent letter that defended Jeremy Corbyn from Tony Blair’s insults remarked that Lord Prescott said on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that politics is about the head and heart.

Why do the majority of people not accept what was discovered over 200 years ago, that our emotions come from our brain.

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