Jeremy Corbyn: ‘How Leeds helped me win race’

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JEREMY Corbyn has said he will “forever remember” a Leeds rally before he swept to victory as the new leader of the Labour party.

Speaking at the party’s Autumn Conference in Brighton, he told Yorkshire MPs, council leaders and activists at an evening reception how his time in Yorkshire had proved there was a “thirst” to do things differently.

Mr Corbyn said: “I am very grateful to all the people in Yorkshire who voted for me in this election.

“I will forever remember the massive meeting we had in the Armories in Leeds, 2,000 people there, multi-ethnic, multi-faith... multi-everything. We had a fantastic meeting.

“And the rally at the Crucible and the huge meeting that we held outside. Labour is on the way with hope, with optimism with unity and with determination.”

Labour membership in Yorkshire and Humber has leapt from 17,000 to 32,000 since the beginning of the year.


Mr Corbyn thanked everyone in the region for their work during the election and afterwards in the Labour leadership contest.

He said: “All of the events around the regional campaign and the hustings event just show how strong and vibrant a party we’ve got. Every hustings was completely packed out and all the leadership events were packed out. That shows a real thirst to do things differently.”

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However Leeds lost out to its neighbour in an altogether different category.

Tom Watson, in his own attempt to charm Yorkshire members, won a mighty cheer when he said: “I came up a lot before the election, I hate to say it – the best Premier Inn in the whole of the United Kingdom is in Bradford.”

Mr Corbyn delivers his flagship speech as leader today.