Jealous boyfriend’s cricket bat attack on partner at her home in Leeds

Damien Spratley has been jailed for three years
Damien Spratley has been jailed for three years

A FORMER soldier used a cricket bat to subject his partner to a horrific beating after finding out she had cheated on him, a court heard.

Joshua Legister left the victim with permanent disfigurement to her lower legs during the attack which took place in her own home in Leeds.

Leeds Crown Court heard the victim also feared Legister was going to cut her hand off when he stopped the attack to fetch a meat cleaver.

Jon Gregg, prosecuting, said Legister was drunk when he carried out the attack after turning up at her home as she was about to go to bed in September last year.

Mr Gregg said: “It seemed that he had been alerted that she had slept with another man. He asked if it was true and she said yes.”

Legister then took a cricket bat from behind the sofa and began hitting the woman to her legs.

The prosecutor said the woman was subjected to a prolonged attack and lost count of the amount of times she was struck with the weapon.

Mr Gregg said: “She began to cry and scream because of the pain. The defendant told her that no one could hear her scream.”

Legister, 29, then got a meat cleaver and used it to hit her with the flat edge of the weapon rather than the blade.

The victim later told police that she believed he was going to cut her hand off.

At one point Legister left the house and got a friend to come into the property to make sure she could not leave. He then returned and continued the attack.

Mr Gregg said: “The complainant told him that she needed to go to hospital.

The defendant let her go and gave her some crutches he had with him.

“It must have been obvious and he would have been able to see the extent of her injuries.”

She needed stitches to the wounds to her leg and has been left permanently scarred.

The woman contacted police after telling relatives about what had happened to her.

The court heard Legister and the victim are no longer in a relationship and she continues to be traumatised by the ordeal.

Legister, of Wepener Place, Harehills, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Nigel Edwards, mitigating, said Legister had been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder as a result of things he had witnessed while serving as a soldier in Iraq,

Mr Edwards said Legister had still not received any treatment for the disorder.

The barrister said Legister was now an assistant pastor at his local church. He added that his client had been subject to an electronically monitored curfew for the past ten months - equivalent to a five months prison sentence.

Legister was given a 12 month prison sentence, suspended for two years. He was also ordered to do 150 hours unpaid work and take part in “building better relationships” programme.

Judge Neil Clark said: “Anybody who beats a woman in that sort of situation ordinarily goes to prison.

“Whatever is in your background, it is something you should be ashamed of.

“It was the actions of a coward.”

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