Jayne Dawson: Liz and Shane? Fat chance...

I won't lie to you, I was shocked. Who wouldn't be ? I mean, it was behaviour totally out of character, just not the kind of thing you associate with a woman like that.

If the allegations are true, and you know what newspapers are like, but if they're true, Liz Hurley has been seen in recent days – not once but twice – eating in a restaurant.

Incredible, isn't it? A very big ask indeed expecting us to believe that Miss Self-Discipline, the queen of the Thank You But Six Raisins Will Suffice For Me diet, should have acted in such an abandoned manner, but there you have it.

One Sunday newspaper claims to have spotted Liz accompanied by a man outside a London diner so, if they are to be believed, she was definitely in the vicinity of a full meal.

Indeed, the newspaper goes further, alleging that the pair actually spent time in the restaurant.

Then, if that were not an unlikely enough scenario, the story goes that Liz and this man were then seen in another eaterie the very next night, meaning they could easily have taken food twice in 24 hours.

Talk about seismic. And it could be true but if it is, I feel a bit let down because Liz is not a restaurant woman.

Au contraire, Liz is famed for her dietary self-discipline, known as someone who regularly goes to bed starving so as to keep her body bikini-ready at all times, her insides as empty as a graduate's bank account under a Lib-Con government.

She has, indeed, filled many magazine pages explaining that this is the way it has to be if she is to keep the wolf from the door, financially-speaking, because Liz designs bikinis for a living you see, and feels obliged to model them herself.

And since she is aged 45 this is no easy task: to keep a body bikini ready at all times in your mid-40s, when a person's metabolism has turned from a Usain Bolt into more of an Ann Widdecombe, requires an amount of self-discipline that, if translated into, say, the political arena, would probably equip her to take over the world.

I have always admired Liz for being up front and honest about this, and not pretending she had to be restrained from eating not only all the food in the fridge but the actual fridge as well, so voracious is her appetite.

But now I'm worried for her.

For Liz has announced that she and husband Arun Nayer have separated and she is now very good friends with cricketer Shane Warne, the man with whom she has been visiting restaurants. But where does this leave her, vis-a-vis the raisin diet?

I mean, I know Liz seems to like Shane a lot currently, but they're not an obvious couple, are they?

Liz is a woman who can perform heroic acts, calorifically-speaking. When she wanted to lose her baby weight after giving birth to son Damian, now aged eight, she took to eating one meal a day, with the now-famed occasional snack of six raisins when she couldn't stand it any longer. Liz is, by any standards, a woman used to suffering in pursuit of the greater good – her figure.

Shane on the other hand looks like his only raisin diet is raisin' a lot of food to his lips.

Indeed, people crueller than I have said his idea of a balanced meal is a cheeseburger in each hand.

And Shane doesn't exactly disagree, saying his natural habitat, food-wise, is pizza and chips, and that eating fruit and cereal for a month, which he does when the situation calls for extreme measures, practically bl**dy kills him – he's Australian, and they tend to talk like that.

It's harsh but true to say that while Liz is famed for her body, Shane is equally well known for his double chin. Even the news that Australia want him back to end their Test Match Crisis doesn't appear to have sent him running for the gym, instead he has been teasing his public with Never-Say-Never type announcements before, apparently, heading off for a good scoff in a restaurant with Liz.

I just don't see where this relationship can go. Liz skips breakfast, fills up on watercress soup and binges on cups of hot water. Shane skips water and goes straight to beer and chips.

At her 2007 wedding, Liz organised a feast in India that lasted several days. Clearly it was on the understanding that neither she nor her husband ate anything but, should a similar scenario ever occur, would Shane understand the need to see food and not eat it?

Liz likes her men glamorous – her best friend in all the world is the increasingly rakish Hugh Grant – so how one of the world's most famous pizza fans is going to measure up it's hard to see.

Shane Warne might be about to discover with Liz Hurley that you can't have your cake and eat it.

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