Jailed nurse must pay back £28K she stole from her mum’s bank account

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A nurse jailed after stealing £127,000 from her dementia-suffering mum’s bank account has just £28,000 left available, a court heard.

Helen Brook led a lavish lifestyle after stealing £127,878 from the account of her mother Nancy Maeer while she was being treated in a care home.

Brook, 39, was jailed for 18 months in January this year after a court heard she spent £20,000 on a Mercedes Benz car.

She also splashed out on a Rolex watch and holidays rather than spend money on her mother’s care home fees.

Brook, of Pollard’s Fields, Ferrybridge, was returned to Leeds Crown Court to face a confiscation hearing under Proceeds of Crime Act.

The court heard Brook benefitted by £127,878 from her three-year deception. Michael Smith, prosecuting, said Brook now had £28,379 worth of assets which could be seized.

Recorder Sandra Knapton ordered Brook to pay the sum within six months or face a further jail sentence of up to 18 months.

At Brook’s sentencing hearing earlier this year, the court heard how police became involved when some fees at Mrs Maeer’s home were not paid.

Prosecutor Duncan Ritchie said: “After Brook’s father died her parents’ home was sold and Brook was given power of attorney over her mother’s finances.

“Brook then began to use the money as her own and to fund a lifestyle beyond her means.”

Brook had worked as a nurse for 21 years but had resigned because of the case.

She admitted stealing the money from her mother between April 2010 and September 2013.

Michael Devlin, mitigating, said his client, who suffered from depression, had no previous convictions.

Mr Devlin said: “Mrs Brook is the sole beneficiary of her parents’ money and ultimately that money would have been coming to her.

“She had always received assistance from her parents and was essentially continuing how things had been before but things were very different when the she was given power of attorney for her mother’s finances.”

Judge Geoffrey Marson QC, passing sentence, said: “This was a mean and gross breach of trust.

“You sought your inheritance early at the expense of others and clearly took the decision that you did not want the money spent on care home fees.”


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