Jailed: Leeds heroin dealer who lived the life of luxury... and bought a narrowboat called ‘Long Time’

Jason Ward.
Jason Ward.
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A drug dealer who bought a narrowboat called ‘Long Time’ from the proceeds of heroin dealing been jailed for six years.

Leeds couple Jason Ward and wife Nicola lived a life of luxury after making thousands of pounds supplying heroin to vulnerable addicts.

The narrowboat called 'Long Time'.

The narrowboat called 'Long Time'.

The couple, both of Throstle Road, Middleton, were convicted of conspiracy to supply heroin and money laundering after pleading guilty to the offences at Leeds Crown Court.

The pair were brought to justice as a result of an investigation by Leeds District Serious Organised Crime Unit.

Enquiries quickly identified the couple had been supplying heroin to two vulnerable women who had paid the couple more than £27,000 for drugs over a short period.

The investigation showed the couple had lived a luxury lifestyle and had bought a narrow boat ironically named “Long Time”.

Police raided two addresses linked to the couple and found safes containing large amounts of heroin.

At a property in Dragon Crescent, Wortley, they found 284 wraps of the drug worth £2,840 and cannabis with a value of £2,200.

When officers searched an address in Dolphin Lane, Thorpe, they found heroin worth £2,280.

Evidence uncovered at Ebenezer Street, Rothwell, showed the address had been used to store the drugs found at the other addresses.

As part of the investigation a cannabis farm with plants valued at £37,713 was found at an address in Smithy Lane, East Ardsley. A 56-year-old man has been convicted of cannabis production and abstracting electricity in relation to that and is currently awaiting sentence.

Jason Ward was sentenced to six years in prison and his wife was sentenced to two years custody suspended for two years.

Detective Inspector Anne Banks, who heads Leeds District Serious Organised Crime Unit, said: “This couple were behind a very significant conspiracy to supply heroin, and lived a life of luxury by profiting from vulnerable drug addicts.

“A painstaking investigation by specialist officers uncovered detailed evidence that linked them to the offences and ultimately saw them brought to justice.

“Class A drugs do enormous damage both to the lives of individuals who take them and in our communities where they fuel crime and anti-social behaviour.

“We hope this successful investigation will provide reassurance to the public and serve as a stark reminder to people who choose to involve themselves in the supply of drugs.

“We will continue to use all available tactics to target those involved in the supply of drugs and keep gathering intelligence from the community and elsewhere to focus our attention on them.”