Jail for Leeds robber who held knife to boy’s neck

Amber Akram.
Amber Akram.

A man who held a knife to a boy’s throat during a robbery at a family home in Leeds has been jailed for six years.

Amber Akram, 31, told a mum he would kill one of her children if she tried to call the police during the incident.

Leeds Crown Court heard Akram knew the parents and four children who lived at the property on Amberton Crescent, Gipton.

He went to the house on November wanting to speak with the father but he was out.

The mother allowed Akram into the house so he could wait for her husband.

She made him a cup of tea before going to bed.

Akram later knocked on her bedroom door as she slept with her three year old son.

He ask to borrow a quilt and was given one but the mother began to become concerned about Akram’s behaviour.

She bolted her bedroom door but Akram kicked the door down and entered the room holding a kitchen knife.

He held the weapon to the boy’s throat and said: “Do not make a sound.”

She tried to ring the police but Akram held the knife to her neck and said: “If you ring any police I will kill you children.”

The children were then woken up by their mother’s screams.

Mehran Nassiri, prosecuting, said the incident lasted for around an hour before Akrem left with the woman’s mobile phone and a tracksuit.

Akram was arrested after police were contacted.

He pleaded guilty to robbery and making threats to kill.

The court heard Akram has previous convictions for burglary and robbery.

Lorraine Harris, mitigating, said Akram was suffering from depression at the time of the incident as a result of the breakdown of his marriage.

She said: “He is receiving help for that in prison now. There is no excuses for his behaviour. He accepts full responsibility for what has happened.”