It takes allsorts: Police stop car lit up like a sweet shop

This car was stopped by police in West Yorkshire
This car was stopped by police in West Yorkshire
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THE driver of this odd looking vehicle caught the eye of traffic officers in Yorkshire - but they decided not to throw the book at him.

Officers who stopped the brightly decorated Volkswagen Polo on Bradford Road in Keighley on Sunday spoke to the driver about its roadworthiness.

They issued the driver, a 45-year-old man from Leeds, with a ticket because they couldn’t see the number plate.

It will likely land the driver with a fine of £100.

Superintendent Pat Casserley said officers had used their discretion and were not over officious.

“So many cars look the same these days - it’s good to see something a little different but all cars do need to be roadworthy.

“The vehicle was examined and a fire risk was discovered with the wiring, but I’m please to see the officers in this case used their discretionary powers and were not overly officious, giving words of advice on this aspect and only reporting the driver for the condition of his number plate.”

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