Is YEP Readers' Panel "chuffed" with Leeds railway station planned upgrade?

Leeds City Station upgrade blueprint
Leeds City Station upgrade blueprint
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Yes, and no, as our Community Forum members comment on pros and cons of "Is planned Leeds City Station facelift welcome and does its development need fast-tracking?" question.

Joanne St Lawrence

How your YEP reported planned facelift

How your YEP reported planned facelift

The plans for the station look very good. It is well placed, modern and spacious, a good use for the regeneration of this area. Driving long distances is very stressful these days, I would much prefer to relax on the train. I love West End theatre so breakfast on the train down, really good show, dinner on the way back - that's what I call a day out! I think fast-tracking it asap would be good but, with the size of the project, not very likely. I don't travel by train much but I know we have a lot more visitors now and, with the pressure on car parking, it is essential to encourage train travel combined with a good shuttle bus service round the city. If the council hadn't wasted millions on unused cycle tracks we could have had two new stations!

Meryl Knapp

Absolutely but any revamp needs to address the current shocking inadequacy of pick-up and drop-off provision. With so much recent redevelopment around the station, many opportunities have been lost for efficient traffic flow and short time parking for this important gateway to a city with Leeds' aspirations.

Dennis Appleyard

All change for city's railway station

All change for city's railway station

First impressions are really important and parts of the station are looking past their sell-by. If we can get a station on a par with King's Cross I would be well chuffed!

Gordon Mayne

Yes it is welcome, the sooner the better. The whole station is dull, dirty and dingy and lacks any panache. A facelift is long overdue if we truly wish to be seen as the gateway to a "Northern Powerhouse" - now there is a myth worth debating!"

Liz Goodwill

All I wonder is where the money comes from? And do they honestly think commuters actually care about aesthetics? Provide a decent train service, then people might care.

James Kirk

The station needs bringing into the 21st century but so too does the transport system. If the trains don't run like clockwork, it's just a very expensive, pretty building.

Amy Green

Yes, we desperately need a new train station. The southern entrance project is great to look at but it doesn't seem to have alleviated any of the traffic. To be the north's first city, we must have a first class train station.

Denis Angood

It would be ultra beneficial if the new services envisaged by this scheme included a direct link to the airport from the Airedale/Wharfedale and Harrogate lines, which I am sure the majority would agree with. Instead, the powers that be look to stagnate road traffic even further by enhancing City Cycle lines, about which the arguments will continue.

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